ESUN CLYP-940II Mobile hot air lance

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It is mainly used for the reheating of asphalt road and the dehumidification and clean the dirts inside the grooved cracks. Its unique design enables the operation to be safer, more reliable and efficient.


Working Principle

The engine drives the air compressor to produce high-pressure air, and the gas will generate the high-temperature air after its mixed combustion with compressed air in the heatlance's combustion chamber. Then the high-temperature air will generate air with high temperature and pressure for the use during operation with high-pressure air in another air compressing tube, which for heating the roads.



1. With a clutch; more convenient through hand-triggered engine;

2. Supplied with unloading function; no need to deactivate the engine after the pressure reaches the preset value.

3. Supplied with two pressure relief valves, for dual protection, security and stability.


Operation steps

1. Turn off the main Gas valve and the High-pressure main air valve below the handle.

2. Turn off the Air mixture switch, High-pressure air switch and the Gas regulating valve.

3. Check the ignition, air compressor, piping should be properly connected, turn off the gas release valve.on the gas tank;

4. Turn on the engine start switch, start the engine (adjust the damper), and accelerator for speed up.

5. Until tank pressure reaches the pressure at 0.8Mpa, and turn on the reducing valve on the gas tank. Turn on the Gas master valve and the High-pressure air valve.

6. Turn on the Gas regulating valve on the spray lance until the slight outlet sound can be heared, pre-ventilation for 2-3 seconds, then press and hold the ignition until you see a fire generated from head of spraying lance.

7. Adjust the Gas regulating valve to the maximum, and adjust the Air mixture switch slowly until it reaches construction requirements; (too much air pressure will blow out the gas directly in the combustion chamber)

8. Turn on high-pressure air switch;

9. Ajust the direction of the car, for the construction required surface to be heated

10. Turn off the Gas valve after finish construction, and then turn off the Check back valve.

11. Stop the engine, and clean gas emissions in the tank.











Honda GX270 5.5KW

Starting method

Hand push for Recoil start

Exhault volume


Rated Power




Fuel tank capacity


Oil Capacity


Air Compressor



Rated exhault volume


Rated pressure


Unloading functions

Has the unloading function iteself, no need to turn off the engine when the pressure reaches the fixed value


More convenient to pull the engine, and do no need to drive the compressor

Gas tank

Gas Volume


Rated pressure


Safety valve

Built in two pressure relief valves, dual protection

Extension air tube

Air tube uint

10 meters long extension air tube



Crack Sealing FAQ

Top Questions Asked about Asphalt Crack Sealing:


What are the primary benefits of sealing cracks?

The primary benefit of sealing cracks is the reduction of cost in future asphalt repairs, as well as increasing the longevity of your existing asphalt pavement.


Can all cracks be sealed?

No, not all cracks can be sealed. When pavement starts to become alligatored, sealing the cracks is no longer a useful repair method. This type of damage is beyond the ability to repair.


When should asphalt pavement be crack sealed?

As soon as cracks are noticed and larger than 3 mm in width they should be sealed. As far as time of the year goes, cracks should be sealed before the rainy weather hits. The idea is to keep water from penetrating into your sub grade layer of your asphalt.


Are cracks of all sizes able to be sealed?

No, not all cracks, but most cracks under 3 cm can be sealed. Cracks under 3 mm can also be ignored, as regular sealcoating material will typically fill these small cracks in.


How do I repair cracks over 3 cm in width?

Cracks over 3 cm in width should be repaired using hot mix material instead of crack sealing materials.


What is the optimal temperatures to apply crack seal?

The optimal temperatures to apply crack seal are above 7 degree centigrade.


How is crack sealing applied?

Crack sealer material is pre-melted in a large pot called a kettle, and then pumped to a wand with a banding pot at the end. The liquid material fills the small receptacle and creates a 2 - 5 cm band over the crack as it is pulled.


What affects the price of crack sealing?

Factors that can add to the cost of sealing include the overall condition of the pavement. The proximity of your cracks, the amount of preparation work required to apply the sealer, and the width and depth of cracks.


How much crack sealing can you do in a day?

By use ESUN crack sealing machines, most of our customers can install between 2,000 and 6,000 linear meters per day.


How soon can I drive on a freshly sealed crack in a asphalt pavement?

It is recommended to give crack seal material as much time as possible to dry. There are some techniques that can be employed to allow this to happen faster.


Will the crack sealer material track into my buildings?

The answer is yes. Freshly poured crack seal can be tracked into buildings, cars, sidewalks etc. The best way to avoid this is to have crack sealer applied on days when traffic is reduced as much as possible. If this is not possible another solution is to apply sand over freshly poured crack sealer material to greatly reduce the chances of it tracking.


Can crack seal be done on the same day as seal coating?

The longer amount of time you can give between sealing your cracks and applying sealcoating the better. At a minimum we like to see at least 72 Hours between these applications. Crack sealing can be done on the same day, however it will not do as well as the crack sealer that was given the proper amount of time to dry.


 What is crack routing?

Crack routing is the act of machine routing cracks to a uniform width and depth before sealant is poured into the cracks. Routing machines cut a 1.5 x 2 cm channel into the crack of the pavement. It is cleaned then sealed. These cuts allow a more uniform application of sealer however they are not always reccomended.


What if cracks have moisture in them?

Cracks generally do store moisture and for that reason we use a heat lance to dry those cracks ahead of application to allow proper adhesion of the rubberized materials.


Do cracks get completely sealed after a single application of crack sealer?

Most cracks are completely sealed after a single application of crack sealer, however some may require a second application of sealer should product settling occur.


Will cracks that are sealed need to be sealed again?

Yes cracks that get sealed will likely need to be sealed again. With time, traffic, and weather cracks in your pavement slowly start to pull apart causing them to open again. Sealing should be considered a part of your routine pavement maintenance plan.

Packaging & Shipping

At ESUN every step of the supply chain is important to us, that is why we put such an emphasis on our shipping services that make every effort possible to ensure your products arrive safely and ready to install. We can help our customers do everything from sending a document, to packing and shipping spare parts, to crating heavy machinery going overseas.


Our Services

Service and customers satisfaction is what we care about.  We are reliable and willing to help understanding your needs concerning solutions. Our professional engineers are available to provide you with training and service at any time you need.



We ESUN attend different exhibitions and trade shows every year to promote our latest road maintenance technology and develop agent, welcome to contact us for the latest trade fair info, and welcome to our booth.

You are also welcome to visit our plant in Zhongshan or Hangzhou to comunicate with us, also we can demonstrate our machines on site for you.


Company Information

Welcome to ESUN, a leading supplier of preventative pavement maintenance in China. Since 1999 ESUN has supplied the pavement preservation industry with quality products including sealant, patching products and related application equipment. For all your pavement preservation needs, ESUN is the source, with facilities strategically located around the China and distributed worldwide.



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